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Extra Large zipped bag made from extremely heavy duty close weave mesh. Material is folded over the zip for added protection. Mesh hole size approx. 3mm. Although the zip is the same auto-lock zip as the Extra Large Washing Nets, the design of the zip puller varies on these bags. Ideal for exceptionally heavy commercial use such as washing metal parts, mop heads and use in prisons.

This bag is much tougher than you would use even for commercial laundry. Used in heavy industrial applications.

Not suitable for domestic (or even commercial) washing of clothing as it is such a heavy bag (weight of each bag is 450g). If you are looking for a very heavy duty bag for laundry, then we recommend you purchase our net bags intended for heavy duty commercial laundry use.

The colour of this product varies to match current stock of this material. Current colour is Grey or White or Blue and may have slight marks that will fade with washing. If you wish to specify the colour please put this in the notes or contact us. We do not hold stock of all colours.

24", 61cm
Approxmiate Size
Imperial (Inches) 24" x 34"
Metric (cm) 61cm x 86cm
Closure method YKK heavy duty autolocking zip
Material Extremely heavy polyester mesh
Washable Yes
Wash items in the bag Yes
Tumble dry Yes
Dry in the bag No - material too heavy to provide adequate air circulation
Name label Satin label inside and large herringbone side label on the outside
Suitable for Washing items with metal parts - commercial use (not suitable for domestic laundry)
Tariff Code Export 63053900 Import 6305390099

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Zipped Heavy Duty Mesh Bag: Extra Large 24" x 34" - White or Grey (previously Blue)

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