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Sock Clips

Sock Sorter



Sock Sorters - Each sock clip holds one pair of socks. Standard grade for washing and drying at up to 80 degrees C. Remember to order sufficient for each... More 

Little Feet - 5 Colour Options



Little Feet™- Each foot holds one pair of socks. These sock holders are fun for families with children. Standard grade - for washing and drying up... More 


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Little Feet are brilliant, been searching for this type of "gripper" for ages. Also bought Sock Sorters but these are not big enough for a pair of socks unfortunately.

[REPLY] - Glad you like "Little Feet" - Please see the page "how to use sock sorters" as this demonstrates how to use them even with thick sports socks: http://laundry.applied.org.uk/How_to_use_socksorters.htm

We will shortly add this page on to this new website as it appears to be missing.