Why Polyester

Why Our Bags are 100% Polyester

Polyester vs Nylon

Polyester fabrics perform better than nylon for moisture management because polyester is more hydrophobic - i.e. it repels water. Nylon threads will absorb more water than Polyester, so nylon will feel colder when wet, stay wet longer and take more drying time and energy.

Polyester is does not break-down with most chemicals used in the laundry trade so will last longer.

We therefore not only make the bags from polyester material, but also the threads and even zips are 100% polyester.

Toggle With No Metal Parts

For the optional toggles that are used to slide up the drawstring to keep the bag closed, they are made from Aceytol so they do not contan any metal parts and will not corrode. Standard toggles found on clothing will contain a metal spring, which limits the amount of washing as they not only corrode with the water, but with the washing chemicals.